Thank you for choosing Stonehurst Cottages for your summer vacation. We will make every effort to ensure you a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

Harveys Lake is the largest natural lake in Pennsylvania. Enjoy boating, swimming, water skiing, fishing or just plain relaxing. Your boat can be launched at the south end of the lake and tied at the Stonehurst dock during the stay.

So that everyone may have a pleasant stay, please observe the following rules:

1. No pets allowed at Stonehurst This Includes Visitors Pets, except for seeing eye dogs.

2. Please help keep the lake and Stonehurst clean and safe for all.

3. No dirt bikes or atvs allowed. No bikes of any kind allowed on the beach.

4. No motor homes, campers or tents intended for overnight use.

5. Do not leave ranges or gas space heaters on when away from cottage.

6. Outside campfires are prohibited as per Harveys Lake Borough Ordinances.

7. Do not smoke in bed.

8. Do not flush paper towels or napkins. Sewer lines may block up.

9. When driving to the beach, please park on the grove side. Do not park at office area.

10. All children at beach must be accompanied by an adult from same cottage.

11. No bottles or other glass allowed at beach or dock area (paper or plastic only).

12. Use gargage cans for all refuse. Recycle can (black with wheels) for plastic, etc.

13. No beer parties.

14. Daytime visitors are limited to 6 people per cottage.

15. Overnight visitors in excess of the cottage occupancy limit are not permitted.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy your stay here at Harveys Lake and look forward to seeing you again next year. Thank you again for selecting Stonehurst Cottages for your vacation.