From Route I-81 (North and South)
1. Take Exit 170B (Wilkes-Barre). Merge with Route 309 North.
2. Stay on 309 North for 10 miles (past exits 1 through 6, through the mountain pass) until you arrive at the junction of Routes 309 North and 415 West (Dallas Shopping Center is on right).
3. Continue left onto Route 415 West (Memorial Highway) and travel 3.9 miles to Harveys Lake.
4. At this point you will arrive at an intersection (Grotto Pizza is on the left). Continue right on Route 415 West for 2.1 miles. As you proceed on this route, please take notice of the blue and white numbered signs affixed to poles along left side of road. The Stonehurst Cottages office will be on the left just past Pole 089. Building is marked with “Garrity Realty/Stonehurst Cottages” sign. See photo at right.

From Route I-476 (PA Turnpike)
1. Take Exit 105. After going through toll, bear right to SR-115 Access
2. Turn left onto Route 115 North (Bear Creek Blvd).
3. Follow 115 North until it merges with Route 309 North.
4. Continue with steps 2 through 4 under “Route I-81” Instructions.

From Route 118
1. Take Route 118 East to its end where it meets Route 415 (Memorial Highway).
2. Turn left onto Route 415 West. 3. Follow 415 West 2.3 miles to Harveys Lake.
4. Continue with step 4 under “Route I-81” Instructions.